How will ChatGPT affect SEO? A Few Thoughts

The Rise of ChatGPT

ChatGPT is a newly launched, remarkable AI chatbot and everyone is asking themselves How will ChatGPT affect SEO? Within just five days of its release, it attracted a million users and has become so popular that its servers have exceeded capacity on multiple occasions.

ChatGPT and the World of SEO

The impact of this AI chatbot is being felt in numerous areas of our lives. However, digital marketers are wondering is: How will ChatGPT affect SEO? Here are a few thoughts about this topic.

Simplifying Technical SEO with ChatGPT

Traditionally, this process involves a significant amount of time and effort to manually review. However, an advanced machine learning algorithm like GPT can think similarly to humans and anticipate what a website user would expect from the navigation.

For instance, GPT could analyze a site’s navigation and recommend which content should be relocated to enhance its user-friendliness and hierarchy. Although the suggestions require a manual review by an SEO professional, they could potentially save a significant amount of time.

Caveats of Using ChatGPT for Content Generation in SEO

On the other hand, some users may attempt to use ChatGPT for Technical SEO by generating content related to their target keywords. To rank on Google, a page should have a sufficient amount of body copy focused on the desired keywords.

Using ChatGPT to create content could potentially speed up the ranking process and simplify content creation for website administrators. However, this approach has several issues. Firstly, generating content using AI goes against Google’s guidelines and could result in penalties for the website’s ranking.

Additionally, ChatGPT is working to add a watermark to its generated content to help identify AI-generated copy. This watermark would be challenging to remove as it is embedded into individual words or punctuation marks in the content, making it easier for Google to detect such content and penalize it. Lastly, there is a risk of duplicate content when using AI-generated content, which can also lead to penalties.

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